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I shop at boots a lot for my makeup, haircare and beauty essentials, like I’m sure many of you do. I especially love visiting boots when they have all the christmas gifts on 3 for 2. This year I didn’t actually pick up any of their gift sets before christmas, as I was finding some of them cheaper through amazon and the supermarkets. So I decided I would have a look when they go into the after christmas sales, normally 50% off and then down to 70% off. I waited and waited for the 70% sale to go live, and it finally did on Friday 20th January. First I looked online but they literally had nothing in stock, so off I popped to look in store. In the store they had quite a lot of stock left, which I was actually surprised about because I got there a bit later then planned so thought all the ‘good stuff’ would have gone. But you will be happy to know I did manage to get a few bits, and am going to share what I got with you on here.

First thing I picked up was the pink pamper set from soap and glory, I had seen this when it was full price and wanted to get it; not sure why I didn’t but was probably because I wanted to wait for the sales knowing me. The pink pamper set is a large triangular wash bag filled with 6 mini items and a body polisher. Im a huge fan of the soap and glory scent that the original products have, so wanted to get this set as it has the originals along with the facial wash I’ve wanted to try.

Included in this set-

Hand Food 50ml – One of my favourite hand creams, non greasy, hydrating and moisturising.

Heel Genius 50ml – A moisturising foot cream which actually works, and gets rid of those hard, chapped heels.

Face, Soap and Clarity 50ml – A 3in1 daily detox facial wash, containing vitamins and minerals.

The Scrub Of Your Life 50ml – A luxurious smoothing body scrub.

Clean On Me 75ml – A creamy and nourishing shower gel which smells amazing.

The Righteous Butter 50ml – A favourite body butter of mine, I like to put on my legs after a bath.

Body Polisher – Perfect for using along with the shower gel and body scrub.

This was £18 down to £5.40

Next thing I got was the fat face mens gift set. I picked this up as it looks like a nice set and will make a nice gift for someone. Its in the scent ocean breeze, which I haven’t smelt before but I’m sure it will be ok as fat face products normally smell nice.

Included in this set-

Hair and Body Wash 200ml

Body Spray 125ml

Ocean Escape Soap 100g

This was £10 down to £3

I also got some of the FCUK mens duo sets, I couldn’t resist as they were so cheap. So got a few of those, which I will probably put away for next christmas. They came in the sport or vintage scent, I managed to get three sport ones and one vintage. I smelt them in the shop, and they were so nice. I love mens fragrances, sometimes more than the women ones ha!

Each set includes-

Hair and Bodywash 300ml

Bodyspray 200ml

These were £8 down to £2.40

Surprisingly there was some sanctuary sets left, so I grabbed two of those. One was the ‘be happy and let go’ set and the other was the ‘jar of delights’. I now wish I had picked up some more of these, because they make nice gifts and then I could have kept one for myself.

The Be Happy and Let Go set includes-

Silky Smooth Body Lotion 250ml

Gentle Polish Body Scrub 200ml

Cleansing Burst Body Wash 250ml

This was £14 down to £4.20

The Jar of Delights set includes-

Silky Smooth Body Lotion 75ml

Cleansing Burst Body Wash 75ml

Velvety Hand Cream 30ml

Foaming Bath Soak 75ml

Exfoliating Mit

This was £10 down to £3

A gift I got for myself was the ‘lost in the mist’ set by French Connection. I planned for it to be for myself, but I will probably share it as there are three in the box. I love the idea of them, they are basically sprayable moisturisers which you apply after a bath or shower. I love anything which makes the whole beauty routine quicker and easier, so sprayable moisture mists sound good to me.

The set includes-

Moisture Mist No.1 100ml

Moisture Mist No.2 100ml

Moisture Mist No.3 100ml

This was £12 down to £3.60

Overall I think I had a successful shop, I didn’t get as much as I wanted to or normally would but times are hard currently with it just being christmas. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my recent boots shop.



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