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Myself, like many of you I’m sure, love getting new lush products! Im probably coming across as a bit of a shopaholic as you browse through my first blog posts; but lets remember its just been my birthday and christmas and the shops have had some amazing sales, where they have literally forced me to go in and buy something. There we go that feels better! One of those shops was lush, I love walking around lush shops they smell amazing and everything looks beautiful. My local lush store has had a refurb and has opened up into a larger store, which means more lush products…and more shopping! See what I mean, how can I resist?! I normally go straight over to the bath bombs, and enjoy picking up each one and deciding which fragrances I like the best. Then inevitably a few of these go into the basket, just a few though because it can get pretty expensive in lush sometimes.

I bought myself a bath bomb and got gifted the rest in this little haul I’m about to share with you guys. The first one I picked up was ‘never mind the ballistics’ as it stood out for me visually, then smelling it how could I put it back? I would describe the smell as quite citrusy but then I can smell peach as well, it has orange and lime oils which is where the citrus comes from; but also has a whole banana in each one so this helps to calm down the citrus notes making the delicious scent. The difference with this bath bomb is the pink half is coated in oils and butters to make it into half a bath melt and half a bath bomb. I loved how as soon as you submerse it into the water a bright sunshine yellow immerses out, along with the pinks and oranges quickly after. I found this one to be lovely and moisturising on my skin, and am gutted I didn’t manage to get hold of a few more of these from the christmas collection.

Another bath bomb I got was ‘lava lamp’. The orange with bright purple dots stood out for me in the shop, and then the scent is just amazing. It has a strong citrus orange scent, which I just love. Citrus scented products are my favourite, so I find I’m naturally drawn to them. I used this bath bomb the other day, and the fragrance fills the whole room, it’s lovely. It fizzes quickly and the purple dots float around and melt moisturising oils into the water. The only negative I would have about this bath bomb is with the purple oils, because they left marks on my skin when I got out the bath. In the end the only way I could get the marks off was with using a wet wipe, which was slightly annoying. Because of this I don’t think I would buy this one again, as I would worry about the marks staining my clothes etc. It’s a shame as I loved the scent.

As always I had an enjoyable trip to the Lush store. I’m already planning my next visit, because I have an excuse now. I need to get the new products to review for you guys on here (I knew there was a reason I started this blog) ha!



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      I know aren't they just LUSH literally!

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