It’s Pancake Day!


With it being Shrove Tuesday I just had to do a pancake post. I thought I could share some different ways to do pancakes, and hopefully give you all some ideas for when you make yours. With making the pancakes I’ve never really used a recipe and always just poured flour in a bowl and then added a bit of water, a bit of milk, two eggs and a pinch of salt. It shows how often I have pancakes, the fact I use guess work and know what consistency the mixture needs to be. But for the purposes of this blog post I will include a recipe with actual measurements instead of just ‘a bit of this’ and a ‘bit of that’. I’ve found one from BBC Good Food, which makes 12 pancakes.


•100g Plain Flour

•2 Large Eggs

•300ml Milk

•Pinch of Salt


Add all the ingredients into a bowl, and whisk into a smooth batter. Heat the oil in a frying pan and away you go.

Now for the good part, the fillings for the pancakes! I’ve been sat here trying to decide what my favourite filling is but I just cant do it. It would have to be between Nutella, banana, and ice-cream or the classic lemon and sugar. So mine are quite boring compared to some of the ways people have pancakes. Wether you choose sweet or savoury, there are loads of different fillings you could have.

Here are a few ideas both Savoury and Sweet-

•Raspberries and Cream

•Berries and Natural Yoghurt

•Chocolate Chips with Cream/Ice Cream

•Bananas and Honey

•Bananas and Nutella

•Bananas and Custard

•Jam and Whipped Cream

•Cheese and Ham

Are you hungry yet? It’s making me want more now. Just incase your not, here are some images of the pancakes I made especially for this blog post…enjoy.



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