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All I can really say about the Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Lip Colours is WOW! I love them and literally can’t get enough! It’s got to the point where I can’t walk past a Maybelline stand without covering my hand in lipstick swatches…I need to own them all. The main reason I love them is the fact they do what they say they do, and stay all day. I mean I normally never believe it when products say this, and have only tried a few products that actually do stay all day. So when I found this lipstick I was super happy, and got a bit ahead of myself and couldn’t stop and cant stop buying them. But I am only getting them when there on offers, like I got my recent ones on 2 for £10 in Superdrug, and then the ones prior to that were 3 for 2 in Boots. So I am trying to be sensible about it…aren’t I? Oh and Mum if you’re reading this ignore the first paragraph, they were given to me and I promise the shops literally forced me to have them!

These liquid lipsticks come with a lip balm at the other end which is really handy and helps keep your lips hydrated throughout the day. It boasts to have micro flex technology, which I recon it actually does because no it doesn’t cake, dry or flake your lips. You apply the lipstick first to bare lips, allow it to dry, then apply the balm over the top. On the website it recommends to leave to dry for 2 minutes, I only leave it about 30 seconds because I’m to inpatient. But it goes tacky quite quickly and as soon as you feel that texture its then ok to apply the balm. I only apply the balm the once, but you can re apply again throughout the day if desired, but trust me it doesn’t need it. Then wallah you have a lipstick which is non drying, pigmented, doesn’t transfer, and stays all day. The lipsticks I have so far (I say so far because we all know I’m going to end up buying them all, I can’t resist) –

760 Pink Spice

265 Always Orchid

185 Rose Dust

140 Roaring Rose

340 Absolute Plum

350 Grape Juice

Here are some swatches and how the lipsticks look like on-

I love all the colours I have, but if I had to choose my favourite it would be Rose Dust, and least favourite would be Roaring Rose only because the colour isn’t as opaque as the others. So overall these lipsticks are a must have for me and I am so glad I came across them. I hope I can get a few more colours while they are on offer, and fingers crossed Maybelline bring out more shades in the collection. As always I will still look at other products to try as I love trying them out, and finding my ultimate beauty must haves. Have you tried these ones, do you love them as much as me?



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