My Beauty Must Haves (Foundation + Powder)


Now I’m sure many of my fellow makeup addicts agree thats it is extremely difficult to choose ‘favourites’, especially when you have so many products to choose from. So this is more a selection of the products I find myself repurchasing and using over and over again; therefore they are named my beauty must haves. I do have quite a large makeup collection but it is what I have built up, and have been gifted by family and friends. But of course to me the shopaholic it’s not enough, and this is made so much more difficult with brands bringing out new collections here there and everywhere. I have decided to split these posts up into different categories because otherwise it will become the worlds longest blog post, and I’m worried I may put you all to sleep. The lists I’m going to share may be bias because I haven’t been able to try every single product out their, but this is what I have tried and have enjoyed using.


A favourite foundation of mine at the moment is the Ultra HD by Makeup Forever. I was first introduced to this foundation when I was in a Sephora in Las Vegas on holiday, I was in aw of the MUFE stand as this was the first time I had seen this brand. The counter assistant recommended it to me and colour matched me to be shade R230, this being one of their lightest shades. This foundation is a medium coverage and gives a flawless look and finish. I find it blends best using a dampened makeup sponge, and I like to finish it off with some translucent face powder to help it stay all day. This foundation is more of a high end one and comes with a more high end price tag being £29 here in the UK. Personally I feel its worth this price, but then I do find myself avoiding buying it unless I can get some sort of deal. The last one I got I was lucky enough to have it gifted by my eldest brother and his partner for my birthday. Overall this is a very good foundation, it blends nicely, is a medium coverage, gives a flawless look, and most importantly doesn’t feel like you have foundation on as it acts like a second skin. You can get it here

Another foundation I have been loving recently is the Fit Me Matte and Poreless by Maybelline. This is a much more affordable foundation being £5.99, and is normally on offers like 3 for 2, or 2 products for £10 etc. I used to use this when it was in the old packaging, and liked it then. But now I think they must have changed the formula when they changed the packaging, because it’s now even better. I would say it is a medium coverage like the MUFE one, but is easily buildable if you want a more full coverage. I have this one in the shade 105 natural ivory, and it’s a really good match for my skin tone. This is normally my go to foundation when I don’t have the MUFE one, and at the moment I’m going between the two to make the MUFE foundation last a bit longer.
You can get it here

Two foundations I have had my eye on are Estee Lauder Double Wear and Kat Von D Lock It. I’ve heard such good things about these foundations and I’m just dying to try them out. There both liquid foundations, which is what I’m normally drawn to as haven’t found a good cream or powder one that is as good as liquid. These two foundations I would describe as more high end and they are both around the £30 mark, but then I always feel foundation is worth paying a bit more for as it’s the base to everything else. I’m hoping I can purchase one of these soon, or hopefully both so I can do a review and comparison for you guys.
You can get the Estee Lauder Foundation here
You can get the Kat Von D Foundation here


My goto powder is the Kryolan Translucent in shade TL3. I discovered this one about 4 years ago and used to always use the shade TL1, which is the white shade. But I then swapped to TL3 which still is translucent but it has a very slight colour to it. I like to use a large powder puff to apply this, and I just dab it all over my face then use a large powder brush to go over and blend it. It gives a matte finish which is personally my favourite, but if you like a more dewy look just add a smaller amount and you can apply blusher and highlight on top. If you want your makeup to stay all day then this is the product for you. I tend to buy the larger tub because it works out better value for money and lasts such a long time. With the larger tub you can just pour it into a small bowl or an old powder pot, and top this up when it gets low. You can get it here

Hope you have enjoyed reading my foundation and powder favourites from my ‘Beauty Must Haves’ posts. Whats your favourite foundations and powders to use? Im always looking for new ones to try so would be great to hear some of your recommendations.


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