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I went to Professional Beauty London last Monday at the London Excel centre. I would say this is probably the biggest event I have been to, so for any beauty lovers it’s a dream come true. I love events like this because you have all of the brands you love under one roof, and it’s also a great place to discover new brands. I was lucky and managed to get a press badge which gave me access to the press lounge, which was a great place to pop along and put your feet up for a bit after doing all that shopping. When I got there me and my friend I took along got goody bags filled with products and samples to try, so this is always a bonus for me…who doesn’t like free stuff. There were also drinks and snacks, which I thought was a nice touch. The ladies who ran the press office were so nice and made me and my friend feel welcomed and well looked after.

A great thing about the press lounge was the fact I got to meet and chat with some of the brands at the show, so this was a great opportunity to learn about the products they sell and are bringing out. It was also a good way to promote my blog and try and build relationships with the brands. I firstly met two lovely ladies from Bellamianta, which is a new brand based in Ireland that sell luxury tanning products. I’ve never self tanned before but have always wanted to try it, so talking to them about how best to do it was really helpful. Their formulas have built in nourishment and hydration, which I would say is a must with any type of skincare. It also dries fast so you get a streak free, summer ready tan in no time. I got to smell the products and can I just say WOW, I never thought tanning lotions could smell so nice. It smells so good they have even created a candle with the same scent. I wanted to go over to the stand and purchase a candle but didn’t manage to, as I got lost going around all the stands and lost track of time. If you want to go and check them out they are under Bellamianta on their social media platforms.

I also met and had a talk with the ladies from Epibrow. I was super excited to see they were at the show, because I have been thinking about getting my eyebrows micro-bladed for a while now. Epibrow is the latest feather-styling technique, which gives you a natural brow look unlike any other semi permanent make-up. With this treatment they help to restore the shape of your eyebrows, and this can be done even if you don’t have any eyebrow hair. It’s amazing how they do it, by using a small blade they give the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes. I’m hoping to get my eyebrows done in the future, as it will save a lot of time in the mornings not having to fill my brows in. If you are interested in contacting Epibrow about the training courses and treatments they offer they have a website and are under Epibrow on their social media platforms.

Some of the other brands and stalls I visited on the day were-

Spectrum Brushes- They were doing some fab offers on the day so I couldn’t resist getting some brushes. They have some of the most beautiful brushes I have ever seen, and I literally drooled when I saw them in person. So beautiful brushes with great prices, how am I supposed to stop myself.

StylTom- This is a brand started by Tom Pellereau who won the Apprentice. He has invented some great products including the StylPro which is the must have brush cleaner. I managed to get one myself and will be planning a full review and demo very soon.

Just Beauty UK- They are an online retailer who specialise in beauty, hair and skin products. I was very lucky and got treated to a free manicure at the show by the team and they used Bluesky products, which is one of Just Beauty’s brands. They have some of the most beautiful colours I have seen, which unfortunately had nearly all sold out by the time I got over to the stand. I chose to have a royal blue colour with a chrome powder on top, I wanted to go for something a bit different because I normally always choose nude pink colours. It was a gel polish they used and so far they haven’t chipped and still look glossy and just as good as the day they were done. Thank-you again to the press lounge girls for organising this and to Just Beauty UK for me and my friends free manicures.

Make Up Eraser- You would have probably heard about this product, I know I had seen it advertised online and at some previous beauty shows I had been to. It’s a cloth which removes all make-up quickly and gently. The cloth is made from a specially knitted polyester/silk fibre, and when wet it breaks the surfaces that bond make-up to the skin. The short side is for removing your make-up, whilst the longer haired side is for gentle exfoliation. I cant wait to try this product out, and I hope it works because this will save a lot of money in the long run if I don’t need to buy face wipes any more.

As you will know if you have ever been to a show like this, the brands normally offer some great discounts and promotions on the day. So I did manage to pick up a few things at the show, and will be doing a haul of these items for you very soon. I went into London Oxford street the day after and bought a few little things there, so will include this in the haul also. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post all about my experience at Professional Beauty London.



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