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I received some beautiful lashes in the post the other week from Threads Beauty. In this post I’m going to share my first impressions and a quick review of the lashes I received; these being Angel Eyes, Celestial, Sex Kitten and Rock Chic. I don’t wear lashes as often as I would like to, just mainly because of the effort they take to put on. I normally wear them if I go out somewhere nice, or if I fancy adding a bit of glam to my look. I want to find some nice natural lashes that I can wear on a daily basis, just purely to add some volume and length. Heres my first impressions-


I love the colour of the packaging, the post box red stands out and I think goes well with the blackness of the lashes. The box the lashes are in is made of a thin card and when mine arrived the packaging was damaged unfortunately. I managed to bend it back into shape as best as I could, and it didn’t damage the lashes so it wasn’t the end of the world. You get a small tube of glue included in each set, which is always a plus for me because its great to use when out and about for any touch ups that may be needed.


The lashes are hand made with featherweight technology, with the band being extra flexible for comfortable wear. I didn’t get on very well with the pair I tried, those being the ‘Sex Kitten’ lashes. I found the band to thick for me, and it made them sit awkwardly and uncomfortably. When they finally went on in a way I liked, I loved the style of the lashes how they get longer towards the outer edge of the eye. The only thing I wasn’t to keen on was the way the band looked, with it being quite thick it was noticeable even though I applied it right on the lash line. They were quite difficult to take off, but then I feel thats a good thing because it means they would have stayed on all night if I had needed them to. When I did take them off some of the lashes had ripped off from the band, so just means I can’t use them again if I wanted to. These ones I tried sell for £9 each so I would want to get a few uses out of them for this price, so just means you have to be very careful when applying and  removing. Overall the lashes are beautiful to look at and come in some beautiful designs, but unfortunately the bands are to thick and noticeable for me, because I like the thin bands that blend naturally into the lash line.

I love trying out new products, especially beauty ones. Unfortunately I don’t always get along with some products I try, but I feel it is important for me to leave my honest opinions about them. I am definitely going to give threads lashes another try, in the hope I find a pair more suitable for me. As always thank you for reading my new post, let me know if you have tried these lashes before?



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