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Happy Easter! I still can’t believe it’s nearly the end of April, this year is going so fast. So with it being easter, I haven’t really chosen the best time to try and watch what I eat have I? So as everyone says….start fresh on Monday haha! One of my all time favourite treats are chocolate cornflake cakes, and although there not just for easter I thought I would make some. In this short blog post I am going to share with you how I made my easter chocolate nests.

One of the things I love about these are that they are so quick and easy to make. I made some using cornflakes and some with shredded wheat, now you may be thinking shredded wheat…what?? Thats exactly what I thought when I heard about using them, but it still tastes nice and I love how they actually look like mini nests. So with these recipes it’s simply weigh out the ingredients, melt the chocolate, pour the chocolate over the cornflakes or shredded wheat, place in cupcake cases, and then leave in the fridge to set. I decorated mine with a few mini eggs on the top, just to tie in with the easter theme.

For ingredients I used-

90g shredded wheat/cornflakes

100g plain milk chocolate

140g dairy milk

12 cupcake cases

1 bag of mini eggs

Like I said these are really easy to make, and always go down a treat in my house. Plus they would be great to make with children over the easter holidays. Let me know if you make any, and I would love to see some pictures. Hope everyone has a lovely easter sunday!  As always…



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