The #GirlCrush April Box

I’m a huge fan of beauty subscription boxes and I’m always on the look out for new ones to try. I used to be subscribed to Glossybox and Birchbox, and loved receiving some goodies to try out each month. I decided to cancel the subscriptions when I started to get repeat products, and found I was mostly getting body creams and lotions which is something I don’t use that often. A few weeks ago I received an email from Glossybox with a promotional code giving me a box for just £5 plus postage, so how could I resist that? The box has now arrived and I have yet to open it, as I am trying my best to wait so I can either do an unboxing video or blog post on it. Anyway enough about Glossybox, this post is all about a new subscription service I found called #GirlCrush.

With this subscription you get 8 high quality products worth up to £150. It’s also not just a beauty subscription, as with this one you get a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. When I saw it wasn’t just beauty products, I knew I definitely wanted to try it out because I thought it would be nice to try something different for a change. What I love about #GirlCrush is it only features brands created by women, and the whole ethos is about empowering girl bosses. I received my first box/bag the other day and I am well and truly impressed! Unfortunately the bag the items came in got damaged when being posted to me, but they were quick to apologise and promise to send a little extra out in next months box. But I love everything I got in it, and will be able to make use of it all. Here is what I received in my April #GirlCrush subscription-

First thing I saw was a little white gift bag tied with a black bow at the top. Inside was a gift box with a beautiful pair of earrings in. The brand is called ‘Bling Jewelry’ and from looking on the site, the earrings retail at around £34, so have made my money back already with the first item. They are sterling silver studs with gold plated hearts for love, an infinity entwined forever, and a clover for good fortune. I am really happy with this item and love the earrings, but unfortunately for me so did my mum. So I decided to gift them to her as she really liked them also.

The next thing I saw got me so excited that I jumped up and down! I recognised the pattern on the paper and immediately knew it was from Erin Condren. There are 10 compliment cards which have some lovely sayings on to make you feel good, and full of inspiration. Along with this there is a $25 off voucher code to use on the Erin Condren website. It’s an American site which sells some of the most amazing planners, I have one myself which you can see here. So when the new planners come out I might treat myself to a new planner for next year, as this will pay for the shipping to the UK and a percentage of the actual planner. Very excited about this one!

Another item in the box was the teeth whitening and cleaning foam by the brand ‘Pure Smile’. It retails for £18 on the website, and I am excited to try it out. Your supposed to get results quite early on so it will be interesting to see if it really works. I’ve been using a different teeth whitening system and I am so far loving it, your supposed to use it every night but I keep forgetting so the results aren’t happening as fast as there meant to though. But with this one I surely can’t forget because you replace it with your toothpaste, so this one might work better for me.

Now this next thing I’m not actually sure what it is, myself and my family have all tried to guess, and I’ve also searched the internet for ages searching for anything similar. Its made of perspex plastic and has a cylinder gold bar going through the middle. At first I thought that it was a bracelet, and yes it might be but it wouldn’t be anything that I would wear as it’s really chunky and just looks a bit odd. If anyone knows what it is please leave a comment, as I truly have no idea. I also got a large pot of clay therapy from the brand ‘Party Perfect’ which retails at £31. It’s basically a clay mask which you can use on your face and body, which you apply and leave to dry, then wash off in the shower. Im excited to try this out as I love face masks, so as soon as I do I will update you on what its like. Another item I got excited about was a rose gold and pink makeup brush, from the brand ‘Beauty Glamour Box’. It’s a dome blending brush with pink crystals inside the handle, which I think is a lovely touch and makes the brush different to any other ones I’ve seen. The brush itself is really soft and feels like it will be perfect for blusher, or for blending out liquid foundation. This retails for around £8, and can be bought online through thier Australian website. The smallest item I received was a lip balm by the brand ‘Fruuur Skin’. I got the watermelon flavour which smells delicious, and good enough to eat. These are suitable for sensitive skin and contain all the good stuff to make your lips smooth and hydrated. This retails at £2.99.

I have saved the best till last, and by best I mean the ultimate, the greatest, and the most amazing. Well, to me anyway because I love all things stationary, marble, and copper. And this is all three! I got a navy, marble notebook which has copper detailing around the edge, and it’s just gorgeous! This made it for me and I straight away subscribed for more boxes from #GirlCrush. Its a A4 size notebook and feels well made and of good quality. The pages alternate between lined and plain paper, which is a cool touch and means I can do little drawings on the plain paper, and write my notes on the lined. If you’re a stationary lover like me you will know how happy I feel right now holding my new notebook, but is it stupid the fact I don’t want to use it and ruin it. This is from a company called ‘OhhDeer’ and retails at £11.95. I’ve been looking through the website and they sell some really nice things including gifts, cards, planners, and some lush stationary I am inevitably going to end up buying.

That was everything in my #GirlCrush subscription box, I worked out the total value to be £125.94 which isn’t including the item that I’m unsure about. Now anyone who knows me knows I love makeup, stationary and planners, so this box was going to be a winner from the start. I am so impressed with it, especially with the fact the boxes cost just £15. Overall I highly rate this subscription service just by trying out the one, and am excited about the next one in May. I will be making subscription box openings a regular here on and also over on my new youtube channel. Hope you have enjoyed this post, and thanks for stopping by.

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