A Spontaneous Shopping Trip

I went on a spontaneous little shopping trip this weekend, so thought I would share with you all what things I picked up. Now in my last post I sort of remember saying that I’m trying to be careful with money, and only buy things I need not want. So that barely lasted a week! I got to my local mall literally an hour and a half before they closed, so surprised with what stuff I managed to get within that time. Anyway thats enough of me blabbing on, lets get to the reason you’ve clicked on this post.

First stop was Superdrug. I was in need of a new mascara so picked up my trusted Maxfactor Masterpiece Max. I’ve been on the hunt for a new mascara for what seems like forever. But I just don’t know where to start, so I always just end up buying what I know works for me. I even spoke about this mascara back in April 2017 in ‘My Everyday Makeup Go-To’s’ post. Whilst I was in Superdrug I popped to look at the Real Techniques brushes, because I’ve been wanting their blush brush for a while, and lo and behold they had a promotion on. So how was I meant to resist that? It was buy one get the other half price, so I picked up the blush brush and the sponge with travel case. I haven’t seen the miracle sponge and travel case before, and from looking online it has been out for quite a while. So I don’t know how that got past me! It’s going to be so handy for travelling, and for even just storing when I’m not using it. Another thing I picked up was the Nivea Shower Creams. These were at the till point, and I’m a sucker for picking up stuff whilst in the queue. I’ve not seen these scents before, and from just smelling them from the bottle I’ve already fell in love. I picked up the ‘Wild and Free Starfruit and Citrus’ and the ‘Wild Blossom Rose and Florals’. That was all for my quick dash in and out Superdrug shop.

Next up was New Look, and all the cosy knitted jumpers at the entrance were calling my name. I saw quite a few jumpers I liked, and did end up trying some on. But I stayed strict and put some back which I didn’t 100% love, and ended up just buying the one. It was the colour that drew me in, and I don’t think I own anything in this dark orange shade. I can just imagine wearing it with my ripped skinny jeans, and either some flats or boots. I also think it will be the perfect jumper for when I’m having a chilled day around the house, and can match it with some leggings and slipper socks. Its called the ‘Orange It’s All Good Embroidered Sweatshirt’ if you fancied taking a look. They had quite a few different coloured sweatshirts in, and I will probably get a few more in different colours if I find myself wearing this one a lot.

The last shop I had time to go in was Warehouse. I haven’t been in a Warehouse for ages, so it was nice to see what new stuff they had in. I saw a few things I loved, one being a grey over the shoulder bag. I love over the shoulder bags, and I think you just can’t have enough. I did the usual of looking how it looks in the mirror, walking round with it to see how it feels and then deciding wether or not I actually need it. In the end I didn’t get the grey one, my head got turned and I ended up buying the yellow one as it was nearly half the price on sale. So I still got the style of bag I wanted, but saved some money and got a nice yellow coloured one instead. You must have noticed I mention ‘cosy jumpers’ a lot by now, so yep you guessed it the inevitable happened and I bought a new cosy jumper. I think this new one is my favourite from the ones I own, the fit is really nice and I like that it has stripes. I normally avoid horizontal stripes because of the fact they supposedly make you look wider, but I feel like this one looks ok and I somehow pull it off. From looking online they do this style in different colours, but I am going to try and stay strong and resist the temptation to buy them all.

So thats it for my little haul, hope you’ve enjoyed reading what things I picked up. I loved the fact it was  spontaneous, and I managed to get some items I really love and can’t wait to wear or use.


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