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My makeup wish list is currently over flowing, so I thought what better way to sort through it, than to share some of it with you guys. I am forever seeing new things I love and what I would die to get my hands on. I find myself lusting over makeup palette after makeup palette, and recently brands have brought out such nice collections it’s so difficult to not want it all. Unfortunately I haven’t won the lottery so this wish list will be staying a wish list, but a girl can still dream right? Lets get on to the good stuff, what makeup items have caught my eye recently…




The New Nude Palette – HUDA Beauty 

Now this palette hasn’t been released yet, it isn’t available until the 1st of November. It went straight on my wish list as soon as I saw just the sneak peeks, the palette looks beautiful. It’s filled with 18 gorgeous nude shades, a mixture of mattes, shimmers and duo-chromes. It comes in the classic rectangular shaped huda beauty palette, and would go lovely next to one of my firm favourites huda beauty desert dusk. Tickle, Daydream and Fantasy are three of the colours that caught my eye, and ones I know I would use a lot. This will probably stay on my wish list for a little bit longer than I ideally want it to be, because of it being more luxury it has a more luxurious price tag.


Sultry Eyeshadow Palette – Anastasia Beverley Hills

Since I got the Soft Glam palette also by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I have been wanting to get more of their eyeshadows. I love the way they blend out, but still stay super pigmented. Their latest palette is called Sultry, and it is just stunning! It has 14 neutral shades in a mix of shimmer and matte finishes. I haven’t been lucky enough to see this palette in the flesh, but from pictures I love the shades rose quartz and twig and think they would make a really nice eye look. The shade bloom sort of ruins the palette for me, it kind of looks out of place…does that make any sense? Maybe ‘ruin’ is the wrong word, I’m just unsure about that colour, not enough to be put off the palette though. This is one palette I can’t wait to add to my collection. 


The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette – Morphe 

This palette has been out for a while now, and I can’t believe I haven’t given in and bought it yet. I must admit I got sucked in with all the hype surrounding this palette, and that is mostly what has made me want it. I can’t even count how many times I have watched youtube videos about this palette, read reviews, and from what I’ve seen and read it has all been positive. Naturally I know I would gravitate towards the warmer toned shades, and this palette certainly has some beauties in it. When I’m shopping for makeup, I like to imagine what looks I could create, and visualise if it would suit me or not. Is this weird or does anyone else do this? And with this palette I can see plenty of lovely looks I could create. 


Blood Sugar Palette – Jeffree Star Cosmetics

A lot of Jeffree Star’s palettes are quite out there, which I love! But I don’t often wear that many bright shades, and I suppose I stick with the more mundane colours. Don’t get me wrong I love mixing it up, and would die to try all of the amazing colours he produces in his palettes. I suppose I just like to stick with what I know, and every now and again I get a bit more adventurous.  The Blood Sugar Palette really caught my eye, and I just love the red, berry, and pink shades that feature in it. I feel it has a good mixture of mattes, metallics and foils, and you could easily make a variety of different eye looks. The packaging is so different to anything I’ve seen before, and thats another thing I really love about this palette. Fingers crossed I get my hands on it soon. 




Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked/Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 4 – Hourglass

These palettes are absolutely stunning! In fact all of Hourglass’s makeup is stunning! It’s the packaging that draws me in, and then the makeup inside just sends me over the edge. I mean can you imagine these palettes in blog photos…wow is all I can say. The reason I have written both palettes down, is because after looking at them over and over again, I just can’t decide which one I prefer. Therefore they have both made it onto my Makeup Wishlist. I don’t currently own any makeup from Hourglass, and have only ever seen it in the flesh once back when I visited Vegas. At that time I hadn’t heard much about the brand so sort of overlooked it, but I remember how beautiful all the makeup was. These palettes are more high end and have a more high end price tag, but when you get six beautiful shades I feel its worth it. These are very high on my Beauty Wishlist!


Hollywood Contour Wand – Charlotte Tilbury 

I first saw this product when I visited a counter in my local mall, tried it out and fell in love. But me being me, I didn’t go ahead and buy it straight away because I like to check reviews online, and see if I can get a discount from somewhere. I then forgot about wanting it, and was reminded when I saw a friend of mine using it. But still to this day it’s sat on my wish list, not in my makeup bag! I was hoping they would have a Christmas gift set with this in, but I haven’t seen one yet, so I might wait a little bit longer just incase I can get some discount with the coming up to Christmas. 




Superstar Lips in Pillow Talk – Charlotte Tilbury

Another Charlotte Tilbury product currently on my wish list is the Superstar Lipstick in the famous shade pillow talk. I have seen a few adverts with the model wearing this lipstick and it just looks beautiful. Now I don’t know wether to pick this formula or the matte revolution formula. I think because I normally always go for matte lipsticks, it would make a nice change to pick a lipstick with a bit more of a gloss look to it. So this lipstick sounds like it will be perfect! I’m hoping that they have them in the stores so I can see it first to decide if I purchase it or not. Who knows I might see a different shade, and prefer that over pillow talk, but I just know I really want to try one of these new lipsticks out before they all go. 


Stunna Lip Paint – Fenty Beauty

I’m new to Fenty Beauty and haven’t had chance to try any of the amazing products Rihanna has created yet. One that I want to try the most is the new Stunna Lip Paints. I first saw them when I was watching one of Jeffree Stars youtube videos, and couldn’t believe how pigmented they looked. Since that I’ve done more research and there you have it they have made it on to my Makeup Wish List. I love the two lightest shades the most, and would have to say Uncuffed would be my favourite one. It looks like the perfect nude for any skin tone, and one I could match with any eye look. I can’t wait to get to a Fenty Beauty counter and play around with all the amazing makeup, especially the lip paints. 


There we have it, those are some of the makeup items currently on my wish list. I love searching the internet and visiting the counters, exploring all the latest makeup thats comes out. Maybe I need to stop doing it as much as I am, then I wouldn’t end up with such a ridiculously long wish list. Now because I am a bit of a makeup addict, my wish list has quite a few more products on it, but I wanted to narrow it down to some of my favourites specifically for this post. Hope you have enjoyed this post, I would love to hear whats currently on your makeup wish lists.



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