Changing and Organising My Wardrobe

Over the last six months to a year I feel like my style has changed, and I’ve been getting a bit braver with fashion. The only frustrating thing about this is the fact I haven’t been able to afford new clothes, so have been trying to work with what I already own. I have a very long wish list of new clothes, shoes and accessories that I want to get once I can, and can’t wait to have a full on shopping spree seeing what’s new out in the shops. I normally wear quite dark clothes, and get drawn to black, navy and grey when walking around the shops. But from browsing online I am loving some of the more brighter colours, and think it will be fun to be a bit more daring!

So I have gone through every item in my two wardrobes and so far have removed about half of what was there…I was ruthless! I just picked things out and thought do I want to wear this? And if I hadn’t wore it in a long time it was time to say goodbye. So from reading that you would assume I have double the space now, but unfortunately its not the case. Now surely I can’t be the only person who has ‘the chair!’ The chair is where I will put my folded clothes on to, with the intentions of putting them away into the wardrobes. But this never happens straight away, more clothes get piled on top and there we have it my third wardrobe! So once I went through this I near enough filled the wardrobes back up. I put a few things to the side which I know can go once they’ve been replaced, so like jeans I’ve had for what feels like forever, and just items I am happy to sacrifice to make some more space for new ones. 

I am obsessed with mom jeans at the moment, and strangely enough I only own one pair! I have tried on a few different pairs in shops, and know the other ones I want to buy as soon as I have saved up enough for a shopping spree. I love to match them with a slogan tee and white trainers or converse. Wrap dresses are a big fave of mine at the moment too, and I do own a few of these. I bought the ones from next and have a black, and black and white spotted one. There made of a jersey stretch type material and are so comfortable, but there not the best dress to wear if your feeling a bit body conscious as they are a more fitted style. I’ve seen some blouses I like too, and think there be really nice paired with some ripped skinny jeans. I like when you tuck part of it in and leave the rest hanging out. Another wish list item is patterned trousers, I really like the way they look with just a plain tee or vest. The culotte/cropped style ones are my favourites. I haven’t been able to find many though, apart from some culotte styled at george asda which surprised me. But I just have my fingers crossed that I have a successful shopping trip when I finally go. 

It has done me good sorting out the wardrobes, I think it always helps with your mental well being doing some organising and decluttering. I can’t wait to have my own place as I have big plans for new wardrobe space to keep everything organised. And to obviously create more space for more clothes!


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