Autumns Arrived

It’s now officially autumn, and I’m so excited as I love this time of year! Cosy knitwear, boots, warm stews, blankets, bonfire night, pumpkins, and all the other things that make autumn a favourite season of mine. I woke up to it raining this morning which wasn’t so nice, but within a few hours the sun appeared through the clouds and it’s turned into a typical day for us Brits; the weather not being able to make it’s mind up. I started to notice the shops stocking the new autumn and winter fashion items a few weeks ago, and have got my eye on a few bits I want to treat myself too. I want to find some nice knitted over sized jumpers this year, and am particularly looking for one slightly longer to wear with leggings and boots. Then a must have for this season has to be a scarf, and I’m looking to get a chunky knit one this year which will be perfect for keeping me warm. 

Are you one of those people who count down the days till Christmas? I’m not normally but for some reason this year I’m feeling more excited and can’t wait! But I always feel as soon as October hits, the rest of the year just flies by and before you know it, its New Year. So this year I want to try and make each day count, and really enjoy the last few months of 2019. Easier said than done though as autumn and the colder weather gets me excited for all the festivities. With all this talk it’s made me crave a hot chocolate, and do you know what I might even get the marshmallows out for a treat. 

Whats you’re favourite things about autumn time? 


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