About Me



I’m Laura, 24 years old from Weston Super Mare.
For quite a while now I’ve wanted to start a blog, as writing is one of my many passions. I am by no means a professional writer, not even close, I just enjoy being able to express myself and my thoughts through writing. I’m a slight makeup addict, and do like to obsess over all the new products and collections that come out. I also see myself as a bit of a bargain queen, and love a good hunt for the best deal; going slightly insane if theres no percentage off coupon code to use.

I spend a lot of my time with family and friends, as they are who I can be myself around; whether it be happy me, sad me, or crazy me! Well, if I haven’t scared you off by now, this is a place where I will be sharing the ups, the downs, and everything in between! I hope you decide to stick around and join me on this journey.


Speak Soon