Our Story

We’ve always loved using candles, so when we discovered wax melts we fell in love. We noticed there was a gap in the market for more natural looking wax melts, as most of the ones we saw were coloured and/or had glitter in them. After lots of research and a LOT of testing and changing recipes, we launched our wax melts. We make ours with soy wax and a beautiful blend of fragrance oils. 

This was only just the beginning, next we had the idea of making Scrunchies to add to the website. But no no no not just any Scrunchies…we make XL Scrunchies! Using beautiful fabric we sew each and every single one. They are available in the very popular XL size and also standard medium size. 

The wax melts and Scrunchies keep us busy and we have got and are getting a lot of positive feedback, but we didn’t want to stop there. We started to slowly add giftware items to the website including key rings, stationery, mugs, and more.

Wax melts and Scrunchies are what originally made us start Laurlylou, and that’s where our journey began. Now our mother and daughter team have grown it into a business, which we hope will keep on growing and flourish into something amazing!

We thankyou for joining us on this journey, and hope you love shopping on Laurlylou.com