Our Story

We’ve always loved using candles, so when we discovered wax melts we fell in love. We noticed there was a gap in the market for more natural looking wax melts, as most of the ones we saw were coloured and/or had glitter in them. After lots of research and a LOT of testing and changing recipes, we launched our wax melts. We make ours with soy wax and a beautiful blend of fragrance oils. I have always loved how fragrance can make someone feel, how certain scents can calm you and others can fill you with nostalgia about a happy time. 

After we built up our wax melt collection we had the idea to add something else that I loved designing and making…SCRUNCHIES! Starting first with XL and medium size then recently adding small ones to the family. We choose all the fabric, make them from start to finish and have given them their own names for that extra personal touch.
I have struggled with mental health most of my life and felt as if I was searching for that missing something. I’ve found it with Laurlylou and am looking forward to the future of Laurlylou.com. I am so grateful to you for following this journey and supporting us.