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    Fragrance is a powerful thing. It can alter your mood and give you feelings of calmness, positivity and relaxation. Fragrance can help relieve stress and restore tranquility. A familiar scent can fill you with nostalgia and help you relive those happy and uplifting memories.


    This is something so important to me and I thrive to make Laurlylou just that! A family and community where everyone is welcome, whether you follow us on our socials, love our products, or just come for a browse. This couldn’t happen without the support from you, and I can honestly say I have made friends for life since starting Laurlylou.

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  • All of our wax melts are handmade using a blend of soy wax and strong fragrance oils. Each one gets hand poured and packed into our eco friendly packaging.

  • We pick the fabric, cut it into strips, sew it together, add the elastic, seal it up, give it a name and package it up. All the love in the world goes into our scrunchies, just like our wax melts. Get yourself the perfect accessory to complete your look!

  • Our clamshells hold approx 80g of wax, so plenty of wax to burn. With all the different fragrances we have to offer we wanted to do bundles so you can shop more for less.

    GET 3 FOR £9 
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